How to Clean and Maintain Karastan Rugs

If you have the luxury and quality rug that is the trend in the market today, such as Karastan rugs. Of course you should know the important things to take care to always look new and durable. So you still make the rugs the family room look elegant and luxurious even to this day.
They look very elegant and rich because they are made from only the best materials such as wool 100% natural and man-made fibers of high quality. And this is the reason why they are very easy to clean and maintain. Of course you also have to do the appropriate steps to care for a large home accessories. Read the next line to learn some useful tips on how to clean the carpet Karastan.

   1. You can vacuum them regularly, about twice or three times a week. Although they are expensive, they are very durable and strong and can withstand ordinary dust. It is even advisable to do so to make them clean and for them to last longer. However, make sure that you will only vacuum the flat surface, not the edge of the frill. If you vacuum-frills, your carpet may be damaged.
   2.  Try not to rub the surface even if there is spillage of liquids. What you can do is to remove the spilled liquid with paper towels. Towels will absorb the liquid. After this, you should use a clean, damp cloth to blot the stain more. After you have removed, the stain dry wet areas use a hair dryer. Do not step on the affected area while it is drying.
   3. You can place them anywhere in your home as a throw or rug fireplace. At this location, there will be more traffic on one side than the other. To ensure that you Karastan will not wear more quickly on one side, you have to play from time to time.

These tips will make your best and probably the most expensive carpet last for a long time. After all, this is not a cheap buy that's why you really have to take care of it as much as you can.