What do You Know is a Karastan Rug?

Karastan words like the name of the state fraction of the soviet union, yes it is so original, it is best made in the breakup of the Soviet Union. So clearly state Karastan rug, handmade by a secret art passed down from generation to generation. So imagine my surprise when I first learned that the rug is not only from the United States, but they are made by machines!

Karastan rugs, the most famous story goes, was created by legendary retailer Marshall Fields in 1928. They were truly the first rug manufacturer to achieve the level of quality previously reserved for handmade rugs and they are much cheaper.

Karastan wool rug made from New Zealand, known for its wool, white light in the world, in fact, Karastan rug is the biggest consumer of New Zealand wool in the world. Wool is the fiber is not allergic and do not encourage the growth of bacteria or dust mites, or release hazardous emissions.

Karastan rugs is an innovator in the industry. In 1992, Karastan introduced SisalWool. Sisal is a natural fiber plant can be used in the manufacture of rugs. Karastan SisalWool is a mixture of features of woven wool and sisal rugs, sisal and texture combined with the appearance, durability, softness, and stain-resistant wool. This is only sisal rug.

Karastan TeaWash process of opening in 1997, and the emergence of the old rug. This is a multi-step techniques to change the color of wool in classic style. Finally, Shapura introduced in 2006. This is the style of a traditional rug design review some of the Peshawar region of Pakistan.