The beauty is typical of Karastan Rugs

By 1928, It was the year weaving produced by Marshall Field, the U.S. textile and apparel manufacturers and retailers are able to produce the carpet. Karastan introduced the first machine-made carpets, called "Mystery Animal", partner of handmade carpets. advanced engine technology, Karastan rugs to place big enough challenge.

In the 1933-1934 World's Fair in Chicago, created version of his Karastan Kirman model. Not only are carpets, they asked the guests to walk on the carpet to test their ability to clean. More than 5 million people walking on the carpet and even spill any food on it and rubbed it into a trust that can be cleaned, but dirty. Karastan carpet cleaners on one side, leaving the other side of the earth to show the difference. The result is unusual. net in the net.

Karastan offers a wide range of carpets and blankets. structure is presented, including Berber, loop pile, cut off her husband, cut pile and loop and the devil. Selection of synthetic or wool fibers can be selected. There are a variety of sizes to choose from 10 "wide x 5'9" 2 "old brand. Collections, including the share of Legends, Ashara, Cabo del Sol, home of transportation, English Manor, Sierra Mar, jars and Metropolitan.

Karastan continue research and innovation. Three new varieties Karastan born. SisalWool was established in 1992 to import a love sisal. Problems with language sisal attract consumer attention. Also, sisal is not good and easy to communicate color. Karastan carpets made from sisal structural and aesthetic, but entered into a stain-resistant surface, smooth and durability of wool. New Zealand pure wool through return to the timeless and efficient service. Style SisalWool including Agave, Belize, Corvera and Zanzibar.

The second is the renewal process is completed in 1997 introduced TeaWash call. This technique has been a wave of ancient patina. Rich shades of red, yellow, green and indigo better used to make "abrash" effect of old vegetable dyes. This is the age in home decor. Karastan TeaWash including the following models: the son of Persian, the Panel Kirman and Tabriz medallion.

Finally, in 2006, introduced Karastan Shapura. Designer collections are classified as traditional, but also directed the interior color palette reflects current. heh-dyed fibers are provided in mute colors like ivory, peach, olive and light green. Collection Shapura very detailed with slightly worn effect generated by the first light wash Karastan. They are described as a tapestry of Peshawar, which manufactures the doll's hand, especially India and Pakistan. Collection Shapura including Athena, Tiana and Tiana Ivory.

Karastan produced machine made, but beautiful and handmade carpets. Karastan carpets continue to provide quality and become a leader in innovation. They have revolutionized design by introducing SisalWool, TeaWash and Shapura. They are a wonderful addition to decorate your home with someone.